It's the Reason We Elected Donald Trump!

It’s the reason we elected Donald Trump.  There is another vacancy on the Supreme Court.  Can you imagine if it was Hillary’s call?  I am glad this is in Donald Trump’s hands.

Indiana has now given us both ends of the traffic scale; and some drivers have some nerve!  I’ve been on the other end of this…a would-be cop killer was caught hiring a hit man to take out a police officer. Fortunately the so-called hit man was an undercover cop.

You may have seen a recent column by a college professor says women should hate men and more. Another prof has filed a Title IX complaint on her.  It’ll be interesting to see if it gains any traction. 

Sometimes our area is seen as a little behind the curve.  Apparently that’s true for our protesters, too. Protesters at Bill Posey’s local office yesterday were a day late and policy decision and court order short when they decided they had not had enough spotlight.

While the Supreme Court is undergoing a change with Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, a recent decision has implication for public employees who are forced to pay union dues.  With Kennedy’s retirement President Trump will further shape the court for generations to come.  He says he’s sticking to the list of conservative jurists he had previously assembled.


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