Who Ya Gonna Call? (apparently it's not the cops!)

What do you do when there is a disturbance in your neighborhood?  Call the cops, right?  Not any more, that is, if you listen to one group.  Of course, their idea is dangerous and stupid.  What do you do when you are ready to be offended?  What one local person did when looking for the humor just might be the better option. 

Supreme Court decisions have big implications for our society.  The Colorado cake baking case is showing how.  Is the ACLU true to its mission?  It looks like maybe not.

Jack Latvala’s case is still lingering waiting for the FDLE report to be completed and submitted to the State Attorney’s office.  We have new law taking effect in Florida next month.  We have a look at what we are facing now.

Democrats have a justified fear of the hatemongering going on against Trump reporters.  Their fear, that what they are advocating just brings more support to the president. 

We’ll tackle these stories and get your thoughts along the way on today’s Bill Mick LIVE.


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From baking cakes to florists

ACLU- agenda or free speech?

Latvala investigation languishes in report limbo

State law to look for in July

Dems fear Trump shaming costs them votes

Obama admin ordered stand down on cyber attacks

Should the US be hacking back…and why aren’t we already?

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