Friday Firestorm: Bill's Battle with Auto Insurance

I’ve had it with MAPFRE INSURANCE.  A couple of years ago I changed auto insurance companies.  Hit with rate hikes that seemed unreasonable I made the switch to MAPFRE.  Nearly 3 years later and with no incidents as a cause MAPFRE decided to hit me with an exorbitant rate hike.  I called my agent and said I was dropping the policy at the end of the current term and to stop the auto-withdrawal from my bank account.  Needless to say, none of that happened.  They wanted to know who my new company was, as if it is any of their business.  They claimed to not be able to cancel without that information.  Oh, and they continued billing me once the auto withdrawal was cancelled…and have turned that over to a collection agency.  I am NOT a happy camper!  That story begins our Friday on BML.

Hollywood and the NBA are seeking out heretics…political heretics.  That ain’t America.  And NASCAR, a former symbol of Americana, has gone the way of schools and “zero tolerance” when it come to rule enforcement!

Illegals bringing their kids into the country are seen as the reason for the so-called border crisis.  Imagine that, laying responsibility where it belongs! 

Chuck Nelson has drawn a primary opponent in the CC D-2 race.  I wonder if this candidate is any more savvy than those from yesterday’s show.  Interesting to learn that the Obama Administration ordered a stand down to fighting Russian cyber attacks when they thought it was Hillary on the way to the White House.  Now the Trump Administration is proposing combining the Departments of Education and Labor.  Pulling the plug on the drain in the swamp is a good idea.  The Supreme Court has ruled that states may collect sales tax on internet sales even if the selling company is outside their state.

Florida Today Executive Editor Bob Gabordi joins us in hour three.  He’s written a very personal column about his disabled daughter.  Bob and I have IBM’s Watson after our jobs and the ACLU is not what they purport to be.


There is no forgiveness in Hollywood

Nor is there in the NBA

NASCAR flubs with “zero tolerance” like act

Poll shows illegal parents seen as reason for border ‘crisis”

Chuck Nelson draws primary opponent

Obama admin ordered stand down on cyber attacks

Combining Depts. of Education and labor- draining the swamp

Sales tax coming to internet sales

FL counties sue to remove amendments from ballot

Should the US be hacking back…and why aren’t we already?

Bob Gabordi: Dealing with disabilities and tragedy

Machines after our jobs!

ACLU- agenda or free speech?

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