Courts, Cops, Crazies and Politics

From a house I would love (and kind of designed long ago) to a WV Supreme Court Justice being arrested, to local politics and those in DC and support and a lack thereof for cops around the country, we have a lot to get to on today’s BML.

That WV Supreme Court Justice has embarrassed the legal profession and appears to be a criminal in a robe.  The Feds have him but good.  In local politics the Democrats show a surge in activism, but very little savvy when it comes to fielding candidates and even getting on the ballot.  One rogue candidate thinks a lot of himself, but he is as clueless as the Dems when it comes to the reality of a campaign and just what is helpful.  Sideshows don’t win elections.

Cops in the US have been under siege from many corners.  That includes the California State Assembly and comedian Bill Maher.  But all is not lost, some kids and a church have stepped up for cops in Colorado. 

The battle over handling kids coming into the country illegally has been hot of late.  The president has stepped up with an executive order that the Democrats were clamoring for, yet, it won’t appease them.  It was never about these kids in the first place.

Let’s have a Thursday…


My favorite house (that I’ll never afford)

Are you going to donate to a beggar on a plane?

WV Supreme Court Justice to get some justice

Rookies and clowns on the ballot.  Oh, my!

Maher, after a couple of smart things, goes after cops

CA lawmakers want use of force weighted against cops

Kids get it better than Maher or CA

President signs Executive Order stopping family separations

Dems still outraged by President…because that’s what they do

CNN anchor points out the hypocrisy

FL counties sure to remove amendments from ballot

Should the US be hacking back…and why aren’t we already?


Bob Gabordi: Dealing with disabilities and tragedy

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