WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: School Board Kills Process, Hires Superintendent

We’ll play a little bit in Royce Bartlett land on today’s BML.  Gun owners are under attack from financial institutions.  An Illinois Assault Weapon ban has been blocked by a judge.  A GAY NRA is seeing growth. 

On the left coast, California has splitting into 3 states coming to a vote and Seattle has backed off of the “head tax” as big employers there bucked the system.

In Brevard the School Board jumped into unprecedented territory by skipping the interview process and declaring Mark Mullins the new Superintendent of Schools.  He is Desmond Blackburn’s chief deputy and he is a Brevardian.  The pick makes sense on several fronts, but the process suffered.  Did the board save time or did they open a can of worms?

We are almost to campaign season.  The qualifying deadline is June 22nd at noon.  That isn’t holding up the candidates for governor and their backers.  Adam Putnam has a problem.  The Ag Commissioner’s backers are being deceptive (LYING) in their ads attacking Ron DeSantis.  Putnam is not my favorite, but if doesn’t get a handle on this, how can we trust him with the state’s top job?

But, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…What’s on YOUR Mind?


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