Meet George Jetson? BE George Jetson- before you know it!

Want to get around like George Jetson?  It’s closer than we think!  Starbucks has hiked coffee prices again.  It happens after they took half a day nationwide for diversity training.  Today we introduce diversity coffee. 

The internet was riled up over a grandmother in a wheelchair being searched thoroughly by TSA at Dulles airport.  While I get the outrage, are we really thinking about safety when we whine?

Our school board appears to say no to a tax hike that was presented as a security answe4r, but in reality was about teacher pay raises.  They are also spending unnecessary money because they went outside to process the superintendent applications.  If the HR department can’t be fair in processing when internal candidates are applying, how well do they do their jobs in the first place?

John Tobia is playing politics again…like any other day.  Maybe one day he’ll focus on his own seat.  At the state level the Tallahassee corruption controversy can’t be helpful to Mayor Andrew Gillum’s desires to be governor.  His other problems aren’t helpful, either.  One state employee failed to do her job with background checks for concealed carry holders.  Will her error cost Adam Putnam in his campaign for the republican nomination?

Nationally, well, internationally, the president is in Singapore, but not before a trip to the G-7 in Canada and an interesting end to that cluster… And as President Trump sets his agenda, John McCain is conducting his own foreign policy.  How is McCain different from John Kerry?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.


Meet George Jetson

Starbucks hikes prices- was diversity training that expensive?

People in wheelchairs need to be searched, too

School Board majority saying no to tax hike for teacher pay hike

Superintendent search costing $ we should not be paying

Tobia pushes buttons campaigning from his office

This can’t help the Gillum campaign

You’d think the mayor would appreciate a minor distraction

1 state employee errs, will Putnam get the blame?

Trudeau tweaks Trump, Trump shows him

McCain, like Kerry, conducting his own foreign policy (needs to retire)

Trump foreign policy genius


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