Money, Murals and Politics

Well, the fight for a “living wage” for entry level jobs is having an impact!  The living wage crowd won’t like it, but impact is has!  On a related note the Democratic Party is known for its support of labor unions.  It’s interesting to see how a democratic candidate is handling the unionization of his campaign staff!

Some Brevard towns are coming up with SRO money for staffing their schools.  It’s also sad the ignorance displayed by those who claim they want to protect kids but fight at every turn the best way to do so.

Matt Gondek’s controversial mural in the Eau Gallie Arts District has survived the Planning and Zoning appeal hearing.  Now the city council must decide if they will push the issue into the courts.  The hearing wasted a lot of time, over three hours, and a lot of money.  It’s time to stop the madness.

John Tobia is on the campaign trail with an email to some 30,000 Brevard citizens in and out of his district to besmirch follow commissioners and stump for his former commissioner pal.

Finally, Marshall Frank is on point in his guest column in Florida Today.  Too much equality equals stupidity and it’s harming our kids!

Florida Today Executive Editor Bob Gabordi is scheduled with us in our 8an hour.


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