Christian Business Owner Rights Affirmed

Benedict Cumberbatch played Sherlock Holmes for the BBC, Kahn in the Star Trek movie franchise and Dr. Strange for the Marvel Comics movies.  He’s now a real life hero.  For years we have believed that California was a socialist utopia.  Now we have proof.  I wonder if they have spies acting as Americans in the USA like the USSR did in the FX series the Americans.

The Supreme Court has handed people of faith that are in business a victory that should never have been in question.  So, bakers, photographers, florists and caterers, work away on the events of your choosing!

Florida is trying to block records on the FIU bridge collapse.  Why?

Parkland kids and parents are activating for election season and they have big backing from somewhere, but nobody is saying where!  Eric Holder is playing to influence 2020 elections by engaging on redistricting issues.  He’ll be drawing Democratic lines, or trying to.

Florida has secured election security finds from the feds.  Will large regional voting centers be the next big thing in elections?  I don’t see it in Brevard; they have not provided adequate storage and security for Brevard’s elections yet.  There is a new Democrat in the race for governor and he could just upset the apple cart. 


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ESFC gets $2.6M for aerospace, manufacturing jobs

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Election Security $ approved

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New D in for governor’s race

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