Why'd They Kill the Turtle?

An Idaho teacher is trouble for allowing students to see nature in action.  It wasn’t during his class and it is something country kids are likely to experience in one form or another in their lives, but at school?  In another bizarre animal story a woman has killed her husband over the family cat.

A town from my past has some aggressive code enforcement and it doesn’t seem too patriotic in the process.

Superintendent Desmond Blackburn is on his way out as the head of Brevard Schools.  He’s done a big pivot and revealed a bit more of himself as he exits stage left.

Is President Trump the master of diplomacy?  Remember me telling you that sending a letter cancelling the North Korean Summit was a good move?  It was and now the summit is back on.  Speaking of politics…what color is the wave for 2018.  It surely isn’t blue and red may be fading to pink.


Why’d they kill the turtle?

Who knew the cat could read?

MA town tells business to remove “excessive” flags

Blackburn pivots on the way out

He also wants more of your money for schools

Is the president a master of diplomacy?

Is the real wave purple?


FEA rates lawmakers- it’s about what you’d expect

The Superintendent search is on

This can’t help the Gillum campaign

President pardons Dinesh D’Souza

Parkland Parents PAC to be active vs guns and politicians

10 year old out of school for noisemakers

ESPN warns talent about social media

Hero actor now one in real life

Welcome to the USSR in California

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