The Publix Blizzard of 2018

Will the NFL give a new professional football league a lift?  It will, even if unintentionally.  CBS, carrying this year’s big game will advertise the new league that will play on CBS during the network’s coverage of the NFL championship.  While we are on sports, a column in USA Today talks Little League and parents and rules.  I always said the game would be better if they could keep parents out of it!

Remember the freeloader NY son who was 30, living in with his parents who wanted him out?  He’s out, jobless (largely because he doesn’t want one) and has an offer that probably won’t get his attention.  Speaking of miscreants, how better to beat a rape charge than to drop your pants and show the jury that offending body part does not match the victim description?  And we laughed at OJ’s “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

I’m not aware of any Publix store being closed by a snowstorm, but they had one this weekend as Parkland snowflake Boss Hogg orchestrated a “die in” at Publix stores.  Did you experience one?  How’d you handle it?  Is it OK to roll your buggy over a protester in the floor as you try to navigate the blocked aisles?  And apparently it was all about the show and getting attention as Publix had already caved to the protesters demands before the “die-in” took place.  So, you can’t appease these little twerps.  They want their 15 minutes of fame.  And, apparently, you can’t take to social media to condemn them…well, at least not if you’re a cop.  The cop is the only one getting in trouble over the Publix Blizzard of 2018.

Is the Yanny/Laurel debate an indication of something much larger?  Florida Today’s John McCarthy thinks so.  And you John Morganites out there…if ya got ‘em, smoke ‘em.


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