Mick's Morning News: 05.22.18

Man Dies After Altercation With Police  (West Melbourne, FL) -- A man is dead after an incident with police in Brevard County. Police were called yesterday morning to a Publix in West Melbourne on West New Haven Ave for a person acting erratically.

Things turned physical when the man wouldn't cooperate with police, and video obtained by the "Orlando Sentinel" shows the man on the ground as an officer has his arm around the man's neck. When the man loses consciousness, police perform CPR until the 46-year-old is taken to the hospital, where he's pronounced dead.

Police Recruit Dies In Training  (Daytona Beach, FL) -- A police recruit is dead after collapsing during training. Daytona Beach Police recruit Thomas Coulter died yesterday morning after collapsing last week. Police Chief Craig Capri said yesterday the 25-year-old passed a physical and showed no signs of distress before he collapsed

State Rep. Fine Calls For Brevard To Reconsider School Marshal Program  (Tallahassee, FL) -- State Rep. Randy Fine wants Brevard County to reconsider a decision not to join the school marshal program. The Palm Bay lawmaker posted his thoughts this weekend on Facebook following a deadly school shooting in Texas last week.

In his post, he says the decision to not join the program puts lives at risk. School Board member Andy Ziegler opposes joining the marshal program, and he tells "Florida Today" Fine should stick to his job and stop political grandstanding. Andy Ziegler will be with Bill in the 8am hour of Thursday’s BML.

Power Outage Leads To 'Zombie Alert'  (Lake Worth, FL) -- A case of hacking appears to have led a city in Palm Beach County to warn of a zombie apocalypse.

During a power outage this weekend, the city of Lake Worth sent a message to residents that a zombie alert was in effect and that restoration time was uncertain because of extreme zombie activity.

A city official apologized on Facebook for the incident, and he reassured residents that Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity. REALLY- HE FELT THE NEED TO ISSUE THAT ASSURANCE?

Baboon Recaptured After Airport Escape  (San Antonio, TX) -- A baboon that escaped its crate at San Antonio International Airport is back in custody. The primate had gotten loose in a baggage handling area of the airport after arriving on an American Airlines flight. It was safely captured and returned to its cage. There are no reports of any injuries.

Family Goes To Court To Throw Adult Son Out Of House  (Syracuse, NY) -- A Syracuse, New York couple is turning to the New York Supreme Court in their effort to boot their grown son out of the house. Christina and Mark Rotondo say their 30-year-old son Michael has lived there, rent free, for eight years and they're done.

They have given their son five written notices telling him to move out. In one note they even offered to give him 11-hundred dollars and offered advice for moving along with a promise of help from his mother in finding a new place. The family is due back in court in a few weeks, just before Michael's 31st birthday.


1992, after nearly 30 years, Johnny Carson ended his reign as host of NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson."

1985, U.S. sailor Michael Walker was arrested aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Nimitz. He and his father, John Walker, were later convicted of spying for the Soviet Union.

1958, Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13-year-old cousin Myra.  Not that there’s anything…wait, there IS something wrong with that!

1947, the first ballistic missile was fired.

1868, the Great Train Robbery took place in Marshfield, Indiana. Seven members of the Reno gang held up the train's crew, unhooked the locomotive, and made off with 96-thousand dollars in cash, gold and bonds.

1803, the first public library opened in Salisbury, Connecticut.

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