Being Prepared Does Not Stop Shooter

We begin the week in the aftermath of another school shooting, this time in Santa Fe, Texas.  Ten are dead, ten more are wounded and they had more security on place than Brevard will have once the latest plan is implemented.  The debate over solutions has again heated up and I am determined to talk solutions and not the gun control debate.  USA Today shows its ignorance of guns, or maybe it’s language, as they define the Texas weapons as “less lethal.”  One observer, a pastor, has a handle on at least part of the problem.  And for once, a democrat has acknowledged that gun control would not have stopped this shooting.  Good, let’s get to actual solutions, then!

We’ll start our day with an anniversary important to most of us in this audience, Hot Wheels turned 50!  Tim Allen gets it on PC culture and even NBC’s Chuck Todd has a moment of common sense.  Why is it we can’t mention history?  It’s happened again in New Jersey…and it shouldn’t be.


Hot Wheels turns 50!

Tim Allen gets it on PC culture

Chuck Todd has a rare moment of common sense

Let’s just not mention history

Santa Fe shooting kills 10, investigation ongoing

Santa Fe Shooter targeted desired girlfriend

Parkland parents reach out...and have an ask of media

Teachers yelled to save kids…is that enough?

USA TODAY has an interesting definition of lethal…and it’s wrong

Letting the culture raise our kids…a Santa Fe pastor’s observation

Even with plan and officers, Santa Fe happened

Dem acknowledges gun control would not have stopped Santa Fe


Orange County, Orlando set own gun laws

GA- NOT a school shooting, but an altercation

Why Donald Trump was the right call

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