Grads, Guns & Government

We heard earlier about a Kent State student who wanted to begin a Concealed Carry Club at the Ohio school.  Now we have a graduate with an object lesson.  Boulder, Colorado is stepping all over the 2nd Amendment and their law is outlandish.  We have a story of a good guy with a gun and a burglar with an interesting observation. 

President Trump’s detractors will stop at nothing to be “anti” Trump.  Elizabeth Warren is in that camp and has some delusions of her own.

The SRO from MSD High in Parkland has begun receiving his pension.  Parkland families are unhappy about it. They shouldn’t be.  Florida Today’s Editorial Board is looking at Brevard’s school safety plan and recognizing (for different reasons) that it isn’t enough.  Brevard County has way too many advisory boards and lame duck Commissioner Jim Barfield wants another.


Follow up: Kent State Student graduates, walks campus with her rifle

Boulder, Colorado passes gun ban…unless you pay up

Why, yes, son, you did!

President is right, doesn’t stop the spin

To Elizabeth Warren: I know you are, but what am I?

Governor: law won’t allow pulling deputy’s pension (nor should it)

Rangel: Brevard School Security plan a compromise

Brevard: too many advisory boards and Barfield wants another


What did Russians want to accomplish with Facebook ads?

Since when was George Will a conservative?

A great read on the consistency and smarts of Alan Dershowitz

Worth a look: Inside Cheyenne Mountain

Gabordi: How about this for school security?

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