Decision Day! School Safety or an Illusion of it?

It’s decision day and I don’t envy the Brevard School Board.  Oh, I know what I believe they should do to enhance security at our schools, but so does everyone else.  And that’s the kicker; you are not going to make everyone, or maybe anyone happy with this decision.  It looks like rather than the binary choice of the guardian program or not, a third option has been thrown into the ring.  The board now has a multiple choice test they can’t get right.  The third option is hiring personnel to fulfill the role of guardians, but it appears they are putting lipstick on the pig by only having the option to hire one per school.  Let’s welcome to a false sense of security that adds relatively no ability to stop an active shooter should we have one. 

The results of the “Thank you, sir- may I have another?” tour are this: indecision and excused for board members to waffle on the decision making.  The survey of parents, staff and students are in and the finger in the wind indicates a storm.

As to contributing factors at Parkland, Broward’s Superintendent has been caught in his own words and his embracing of Chicago land/Obama era education philosophy put MSD in the crosshairs.

As we begin our day states are tinkering with the Presidential Election process and that needs to stop.  But if tinkering is how it’s to be…this sanctuary county idea may just be a good one.  And Palm Bay, if it hits pay dirt, just might be able to fix roads and drainage!  The city’s jumping on the Opioid Bandwagon and suing big pharma for responding to the problems of addiction. 


States tinkering with Presidential Elections

If they can tinker…why not this?

Palm Bay- Fix roads with Opioid bandwagon?


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