Friday MICKnugget: Lanifesto!



Former Palm Bay City Attorney Andrew Lannon withdrew his original settlement offer to the city and replaced it with a missive sent to the city’s labor attorney for discussion at Thursday night’s council meeting.


It is nothing short of a manifesto…or in this case a Lanifesto.  It’s a lengthy list of demands to be met that include over $7.5m in a fund he calls the Holton House of Horrors Fund to be distributed to victims of the city’s atrocities and another $7.5m to Lannon himself for having saved the city that much in his tenure with them along with other compensation.


Then he goes completely off the rails in attempts at directing the acts of city, county and state government (as if the city could mandate such things) and he says they are non-negotiable.  The entire document is nuts.


Either Lannon is himself certifiable or he’s laying the groundwork for a diminished capacity defense when his acts of the past are discovered.


In any case, would someone please, get this man some help (again)!


Bill Mick LIVE

Bill Mick LIVE

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