Reasoning the Unreasonable- Palm Bay and Capt. Extortion

It looks like comic book movies may save the box office this year.  And I get that fans are REALLY into the heroes and their stories, but going after an actor who played the part as it was written is just a bit much!  We have an update on the girl who wore a Chinese prom dress and took heat for it.  While Facebook just announced its dating app, it appears an employee has already abused the available information.

While we’re thinking tech, Seattle is trying its best to kill tech jobs and the companies that provide them.  Palm Bay is facing an impossible task- trying to reasonably deal with an unreasonable situation brought on by their former city attorney.  West Melbourne has replaced former councilman John Tice…good for them and the rest of us!

Florida’s Senate may have a chance at some decent leadership for a change-Senate President Joe Negron is leaving the senate early after failing to lead in this last session.  While he could not lead, Sheriff Wayne Ivey certainly can and Brevard’s crime rate is just one example!


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Seattle doing its best to kill business

Causes Amazon to stop construction in the city

Lannon continues unreasonable acts/claims

Ustaville replaces Tice

Negron to retire early from Senate

Brevard crime rate lowest in 22 years

The bullet Florida dodged

The US and the UN- taking names


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