Needelman/BlueWare "Mastermind" Sentenced

We have our first convict in prison as a result of the Needelman/BlueWare case.  Lobbyist, dirty dealer and all around scumbag Matt Dupree, the apparent lynchpin in the scam to enrich himself while trying to keep an incompetent clerk in office, has been sentenced to over 2 years in prison and the rest of his working life reporting to probation authorities.  He was remanded at the conclusion of the sentencing yesterday.  We’ll look at the plea agreement and Dupree’s attempt to keep his sentence as low as possible.

Dick’s Sporting Goods can’t be satisfied with not selling guns.  No, they have to take it upon themselves to make sure those weapons never see shooting hands.

A Wyoming school district is doing its part to protect its schools.  Their protesters are a bigger caliber than those facing the Brevard School Board.  And the protesters rallying around the parkland shooting just may not be as effective as they would like to believe.  Sheriff Ivey says yes to firearms in the workplace and he’s right.


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