WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Ignorance is Loud!

Former First Lady Barbara Bush has passed away.  She was always the picture of what a first lady should be and an example to any who are wives or mothers of presidents.  The Houston Chronicle has a great article about her that is linked up for you below.  It’s sad that she is gone.

As we kick off a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY Starbucks gives us an example of the left eating its own.  They must close nationwide for diversity training.  Gee, hard to imagine pompous coffee snobs need training on how to deal with the general public!  A Jacksonville code enforcement story has blown up Facebook and the hearts of patriots everywhere.

Finally West Melbourne City Councilman John Tice, out on bond awaiting his criminal fraud trial, has realized that if he’s not qualified to be Vice Mayor the whole council job thing is also out of the question. Ignorant moms and other groups who just don’t get it vented at the Brevard School Board at last night’s meeting.  Not feeling enough punishment has been doled out by the public at large, the board will now take a “Beatings Will Continue Until the Decision is Made” tour as they schedule meetings at schools around the county for the rest of the public to beat up on them as they decide how our kids will be protected.

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission has done us zero good in bundling their proposals into 8 amendments that are too vast to even consider for approval.  Let’s hope the public wises up and finally considers just what these amendments will do instead of the blind yes votes we usually get.  Those missing state hard drives have been found…in the possession of a janitor who wanted them for downloading Xbox games! 

It’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…if it’s on your mind, it’s on Bill Mick LIVE.  So, what’s it to be?


Remembering Barbara Bush…the Houston Chronicle

Starbucks closing for “diversity training”- how about “non-pompous coffee snob” training?

Jax code enforcement story lights up Facebook

Tice figures it out…not qualified for Vice Mayor, not qualified to serve

Board Meeting drags on as the ignorant speak out

FL Constitution Commission kicks the dog on this year’s revisions

BUZZ asks why career politicians fundraise for Scott

Taxpayer info hard drives found with janitor…playing Xbox

Gorsuch surprises with ruling…and I’m not upset


MLB scenic airport…if only passengers were able to fly here to see it

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