Tuesday's MICKnugget: 03.17.18

While comedian Bill Maher is about as left as they come, I find myself in agreement with him (or he with me) more and more as he finds nuggets of common sense to toss at his side’s “perpetual victim” crowd. 

Last week it was this gem after Molly Ringwald’s self-maligning comments to the New Yorker about her 1980’s movies and the attitudes and actions portrayed therein while they catapulted her to stardom and wealth.

Since the #metoo movement much of the left has been jumping on this bandwagon condemning the people we used to be. 

Maher’s reaction mirrors mine from over a year ago.  People should stop lamenting who we were and applying today’s “standards” to yesterday’s world.  After all, don’t we email instead of Pony Express? 

That’s the point- the world has changed.  So have we.  It doesn’t mean we were evil then…just different! We can’t be held accountable to today’s rules when they weren’t even rules yet.  So go enjoy a Don Rickles concert, will ya?

Bill Mick LIVE

Bill Mick LIVE

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