Common Sense, Firearms Fear & Florida's Constitution

The documentation of the human train wreck that was the Jerry Springer Show has another milestone involving one of the show’s producers.  Yeah, it makes sense, it’s Springeresque!  Our web poll asks about your preference in vehicles and the story inspiring it shows what we do when government is not involved in the vehicle selection process.  Bill Maher has done it again as he finds common sense the left tends to ignore because it would turn down the volume of their outrage. 

County Commissioner John Tobia wants to allow county staff to be armed at work.  What do you think? When it comes to firearms, irrational fear leads to irrational acts and the story we have is a good one. Orlando, apparently feeling slighted, has decided to join the cry from other cities that want to have their own gun regulations.    

Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission has a big job.  In only its second incarnation they are trying to do too much and combine issues to get all of their wonderful ideas on the ballot.  After I remove my tongue from my cheek we’ll talk about one idea that is being floated. 


SPRINGER producer could not get more SPRINGER

When government is out of the vehicle business- we pick real vehicles

Maher showing more common sense

Tobia: allow county staff to be armed

Irrational fear leads to irrational acts

Orlando joins the little cities in desire to regulate weapons

Constitution commission wants lots of changes…here‘s one

The world is surprised the US draws a line then upholds it?


MLB scenic airport…if only passengers were able to fly here to see it

They only want to teach- unless it involves their paychecks

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