Monday MICKnugget

There are two things the County Commission did right in recent weeks.  One was to hire the County Attorney from within.  With Scott Knox retirement the vacant job went to his deputy.  There was no expensive search firm and the deputy is very familiar with the workings of the office.

Claims that she would be a clone of her predecessor are unfounded and unreasonable.  Guilt by employment just isn’t right.

Then the commission agreed to tax abatements for a food manufacturer who may locate in Melbourne. No, they are not “space” or “tech” or “defense” jobs, but they are a step up from what many in entry level employment may be working today.  That’s a positive and exactly what tax abatements are designed to do…bring actual jobs for Brevard residents.

Commissioner John Tobia’s transparent attack on the jobs and the tax abatement as he “questioned” the EDC’s Greg Weiner was out of line and yet another grandstanding attempt by the rookie commissioner. Thankfully smarter heads prevailed and we have a shot at landing this company.

I hope Tobia learns to be smart and not just a no vote based on ideology with no perspective on reality.

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