Ambushing Breakfast

If breakfast is any indication, we are in for one heck of a week!  I’ll tell you what I mean as we begin the day.  Has Syria figured out Barack Obama is no longer President of the United States?  Suddenly a line in the sand means something these days.  We begin our day with an extensive list:

One Laura Ingraham advertiser returns and so did her ratings.  Illinois is becoming California as what people did in bed is just as important as their contribution to history.  The NBA has suspended an announcer (now on his apology tour) for a phrase I never thought about.  A former NFL star, a conservative, is blasted because he’s apparently not black enough.  A singer of the national anthem won’t since they banned guns at the stadium.  Speaking of weapons, can you spell LOVE? This kid did and he’s fighting the discipline he faces.  Could a Jerry Springer producer be a subject of the trash TV show?  You bet she could!  When people are left to their own choices, government wishes for the future of vehicles are smashed and so are the jobs they created.  Note to you Demanding Moms when it comes to gun safety…being a cheerleader for schools does not make you an expert on safety.  But, those of us who understand self defense and the left apparently know something…because we go buy guns every time you ratchet up the idea of banning them.  The County Commission has hired a County Attorney and offered an incentive to a non-space business.  Both were good moves.  Oh, and if you read one story today make it the BATMOBILE story…it’s the Navy’s new vehicle and it’s AWESOME!


Ingraham back with a vengeance (and regretful advertisers)

Illinois becoming California

NBA suspends announcer for “cotton pickin” comment

Conservative former NFL star apparently not black enough

Singer won’t perform Anthem after guns banned at stadium

All you need is love…spelled out with weapons

SPRINGER producer could not get more SPRINGER

When government is out of the vehicle business- we pick real vehicles

Being a cheerleader for schools does not make you a security expert (an ignorant mom speaks)

Those who know…know

Commission approves tax break for food company- it’s not just elitist jobs anymore

Also names county attorney without search- GOOD!

The world is surprised the US draws a line then upholds it?

Worth your time: the NAVY’s BATMOBILE


MLB scenic airport…if only passengers were able to fly here to see it

They only want to teach- unless it involves their paychecks

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