Bank of America needs to be renamed…maybe Bank of Un-American will work.  It’s funny how teachers don’t want to do what is a cop’s job- they say- in protecting kids in an active shooter situation, but they can all be legislators when it comes to taxing folks for their pay raises.  Pennsylvania, home the great idea of arming classrooms with buckets of ricks to defend against an active shooter, has now gone a step further with one district arming teachers with ball bats.  That’s smart!  While Al Sharpton is late to the party, he too, has found a student from MSD to use in his gun control agenda. 

In the biggest reversal I have seen in a long time Sheriff Wayne Ivey has asked the School Board to not consider the S. T. O. M. P. program that would arm select and well trained school personnel to be armed at work.  The focus will be, instead, getting SRO’s in every school.  Whether this is political pressure, growing the sheriff’s office or simply being unable to explain the reality of an active shooter situation, this is a plan that does nearly nothing to protect our schools.  Sheriff Ivey will join us today at 7am to explain the reasoning behind the decision.

Looney Tunes returns to the Eau Gallie Art District battle over a mural that some folks just don’t like.  This issue has been decided twice now and the third time places the council and its appointed board members in the position of being censors that will be the arbiters of taste for the community.  The hearing is set for June 7th.

Chicken Little is crying, “the lagoon is dying, the lagoon is dying,” at the Brevard County Commission.  The political grandstanding using the lagoon is getting very old.  $44m has been collected and devoted to lagoon restoration.  While some commissioners have lost the battle to redirect funds from TDC taxes, already allocated for athletic fields and other programs, they keep trying to revisit the issue over $5m that is a great difference for the fields and would add little to the massive funding the lagoon is already getting.

On top of all that, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and it it’s on your mind, it’s on Bill Mick LIVE…


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