Wastin' Away Again Down in Ustaville

If you’ve ever played sports you have to love the story of the Chicago accountant who suited up for the Blackhawks as an emergency goalie and ended up making 7 saves on the way to a win over the Winnipeg Jets.   

Hey, you, elected official!  Do you have a “government” Facebook account?  Have a spare $65,000?  No? Then you’d best not block anyone from your page!  Fox News has stood up for Laura Ingraham and the 1st Amendment.  That’s even better because it’s not some high school loudmouth behind the boycott push.  Speaking of, the idea is pervasive that you must agree with radical groups or face their wrath. Bring it on, but few have the courage to make the stand.

In Ustaville (West Melbourne for the uninitiated) John Tice has decided to step down as Vice Mayor given his recent arrest brought on by a charity and Melbourne taxpayers being defrauded.  He said his situation as the defendant in the case has nothing to do with his job as councilman and he’s staying on.  Let’s see…he’s right.  For a long time ethical behavior has had nothing to do with the operation of West Melbourne. 

Let’s see where a Tuesday takes on today’s BML.


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