Yes, I'm Rude- It's My Heritage!

If there has ever been an excuse that should fly for someone being rude, one Canadian waiter may have found it!  A regular contributor to this show has been published in a letter to the editor.  Wisdom from Corin in Indialantic is in today’s letters.  Sadly, so is one from Tom in Melbourne Beach who just doesn’t quite get it, like a caller to my office over the weekend.

One sheriff’s candidate has stepped on his own toes in his campaign.  Hillbillies don’t take kindly to having their ownership of firearms threatened.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants a background check for your ammunition purchases.

And now, criticizing the kiddies of the march for our lives is apparently a no-no.  Sorry, I’m going to do it anyway.  They need the education, but if you are on the right side of this thing, lying does you and the rest of us no good at all.  And what these kids want is proof they are learning nothing of American history.  And what about those kids we don’t hear from?  Marginalized by their own and the press, they have viewpoints as well.  Will they get the support the anti-gunners now enjoy?


I’m not rude- I’m French!

Well said, Mom!  Tom, not so much!

No joking matter for a candidate

Wasserman Schultz wants bullet backgrounds

Don’t criticize the kiddies, but don’t lie in your argument, either!

The 2nd amendment- outdated!

The school kids you don’t hear from

Since schools are now locations for social activism

The apps of school threats

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