Facts vs Feelings on Gun Control

Governor Scott has signed the bill that would allow Florida to stay on Daylight Saving Time all year.  Will the Congress sign off on it, too?  The governor also set his desired timeline for the school safety measures passed by the legislature. 

Even so, for many the weekend was all about protesting.  Allegedly led by students, the march for our lives happened all over the country.  They want their way and they want it without discussion or contradiction.  Gee, they sound like Florida legislative leadership!  If your march goes bad, who do you call?  Apparently it’s the ACLU.  And what about hearing from those students that don’t agree with the marchers?  They are not very welcome. 

There are apps that kids issuing threats or planning events are using to plan those acts.  Are you aware? And there is one overriding question parents needs to ask.  While your kids may be feeling better after the weekend protest, do you want your kids to feel better or do want them not to die?  Their goals are inconsistent with the latter.  Sheriff Wayne Ivey’s S. T. O. M. P. program will serve to protect students rather than leave them as helpless victims.   It’s not a knee jerk reaction, but a well crafted plan to protect our schools.  Why is that so hard to understand?


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