Sheriff Swaps Out All Guns After Deputy Injured As Weapon Fired On Its Own

Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers Swaps Out Guns

Photo: CBS 12

A Florida top cop is swapping out his agency's handguns.

Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers says the move was made after a deputy was shot in the leg when his handgun discharged on its own.

"As he took off his vest, the previous weapon that we were issued discharged inside of his holster, striking him in the calf. The bullet traveled down his leg and lodged just before his ankle."

The deputy is on light duty after multiple surgeries.

Flowers replaced the SIG Sauer handguns with FN-509's for all 370 of his deputies at a cost of $136,000.

"The big thought for me as the CEO of the agency is what happens the first time that a deputy draws his weapon, points it at somebody and a round goes down range and the deputy says 'I didn't pull the trigger'?"

Officers across the country are suing SIG Sauer firearms after the same thing happened to them.

The sheriff says he hopes other law enforcement agencies will consider switching their weapons as well.

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