Governor Signs Miya's Law to Protect Renters

TALLAHASSEE -- Governor DeSantis has signed Miya's Law, the bill named for murder victim Miya Marcano that increases safeguards for apartment dwellers.

Marcano was a 19-year-old Valencia College student living in an apartment in Orange County when she disappeared last September. Her body was found a week later, in early October. Detectives believe she was killed by a maintenance worker at her apartment complex, who later took his own life. Deputies say he had a criminal history and a history of harassing women.

The bill requires background checks of all apartment employees, a key log whenever an apartment is entered, and 24 hours notice before an employee or landlord may access a unit.

State Senator Linda Stewart, an Orange County Democrat and one of the bipartisan bill's sponsors, issued this statement: “While Miya’s family will never receive justice and nothing can bring back their daughter, I do hope that with this new law going into effect, in honor of Miya, that some peace will be brought to the family in knowing that their daughter’s death was not in vain.” 

The bill also prohibits hourly rentals of hotel rooms, in an effort to cut down on human trafficking.

Photo: Orange County Sheriff/ Canva

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