Tampa City Council Says "No" to Harbour Island Hotel Plans

Residents of exclusive Harbour Island packed Tampa City Council chambers to urge a "no" vote on a proposed 12-story, 150-room Marriott hotel, and in the end, got their way.

In a 4-2 vote, council denied a request for a zoning variance that would have allowed developer Liberty Group to move ahead with its plans.

Those speaking against the hotel said they were concerned about traffic, safety issues, and the "feel" of the island. "It is an oversized, traffic-inducing, unimaginative eyesore that could possible look great elsewhere, but not on Harbour Island," said one woman.

"If this hotel goes up, it will spit in the face of everything we've built here," said another.

Neighbors want any hotel on Harbour Island to be north of Knights Run Ave.

photo: Getty Images

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