Ten Foot Snake Found Under The Hood Of A Dania Beach Mustang

Dania Beach, Fl. (Florida News Network)-A Dania Beach driver was shocked after discovering a large Burmese Python cuddled up under the hood of his car Thursday morning. Officers from the FWC safely captured and removed the approximately 10-foot invasive snake from under the hood of a blue Mustang.

A FWC spokesman says this is a success for native wildlife since pythons prey on native birds, mammals and reptiles. Thanks to the citizen who reported the python. The FWC officer was able to get the Python into a bag with the help of some employees, from a near-by marina.

The FWC relies on reports from the public to help them quickly respond and remove these species. If you see a Burmese Python or other invasive species, report it to the hotline at 888-ive-got1.

Photo credit: My FWC