Series Of Threats Overshadow Back To School

The back to school season is being overshadowed by threats being made to South Florida schools.

This morning on day two of school, the Pembroke Pines Police Threat Assessment Team was sent to Charter High on Sheridan Street to investigate a reported threat.

Students and staff were evacuated as a precaution while the campus was searched, even though it wasn't believed to be a credible threat.

About an hour later the all clear was given.


Classes don't resume until Monday in Miami-Dade, but this morning Miami-Dade Schools Police got a lesson in campus safety.

Miami Northwestern Senior High received a bomb threat while teachers and some practices were underway. Also underway at the time was a media tour of the Police Command Center where cops monitor activity in and around every school campus.


School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho says while it was believed to be a hoax, they didn't take it lightly and deployed police and evacuated the campus.

A new hire was questioned after being found on the campus after the campus was cleared.

Detectives are searching for the person who called in the threat.

Meanwhile, it's three weeks in juvenile detention for a 16-year-old boy who's accused of posting an online threat against Hollywood's McArthur High School.

The judge making the ruling this morning while prosecutors are trying to figure out a possible motive for the threat. The teen is also ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.

McArthur threat

Hollywood Police discovered the post reading "Everyone happy to go back to school and I'm debating on whether I should carry my pistol w me like last year ... " and included video of a person with a gun in a classroom.


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