Florida Man Lifts Overturned SUV To Rescue Trapped Toddler

Photo: Flagler Beach Fire Department

A Florida man is being hailed a hero after he rushed into action following a car accidentWisguere Dormevil was driving when he saw an SUV flip over in front of him.

Dormevil immediately called 911 and then jumped out of his car to assist the passengers in the vehicle. As he made his way toward the overturned SUV, somebody yelled there was a baby trapped inside the car.

"He's like 'there's a baby in there, there's a baby,' and after that, I look down and see the baby sticking out," Dormevil told WRBW.

Dormevil knew he had to help, so he ran over and tried to lift the car. He was able to lift it up just enough for the other passengers to slide the baby out from the SUV.

"I held it up, and they gave another boost of push, and then the Jeep kinda lift up, and the car seat and the baby was just sticking out," he told the news station.

The Flagler Beach Fire Department said that the baby and three adults were transported to the hospital for treatment. Officials did not provide details about their injuries or what caused the crash.

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