7 Must See Destinations in Melbourne and Eau Gallie, FL.

Historic Downtown Melbourne Florida

Photo: Getty Images

Forty-five minutes east of Orlando and a short drive south of Kennedy Space Center, the city of Melbourne is known as the Harbor City. There are places to visit here you won’t find anywhere else. From a former chapel that now houses an impressive antique collection and a bar where you can have childhood comfort food like Spaghetti-O's, to colorful murals perfect for your Instagram feed and a little shop where you can find the perfect pie.

This is our list of 7 Places You Can't Miss in Melbourne and Eau Gallie, Florida.

Locations featured:

1. Historic Rossetter House Museum

2. Eau Gallie Arts District Murals

3. Joan's Perfect Pie

4. The Salty Fox

5. Junk and Company

6. The Flop Shop

7. Hell 'n Blazes

You also can't forget about the Brevard Zoo!

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