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Missing Brevard County Man Found Dead

(Palm Bay, FL) -- The search for a missing Brevard County man is at a sad end. Palm Bay Police say the body of Shean Gaspard was found this weekend in the woods off Garvey Road. The 21-year-old had been missing for more than two weeks. No cause of death has been determined, but police don't suspect foul play. 

Teen Murder Suspect Reaches Plea Deal

(DeLand, FL) -- A Volusia County teenager accused of killing his mother may plead guilty. DeBary's Gregory Ramos allegedly strangled his mother to death two years ago during an argument over bad grades. He was 15 at the time, but he was charged as an adult with first-degree murder and faced a possible life sentence. His lawyer tells the News-Journal the 17-year-old will plead guilty today to murder and two other charges in exchange for a 45-year sentence. 

Lawyer Resigns From State Commission Over Jones Raid

(Sarasota, FL) -- A Sarasota Republican is protesting the raid on one of the governor's harshest COVID critics. Lawyer Ron Filipowski resigned yesterday from the 12th Judicial Circuit Nominating Commission. His announcement came a day after FDLE agents raided the Tallahassee home of Rebekah Jones for allegedly hacking the state's emergency communications system, which she denies. Jones has been critical of the governor's COVID response, and Filipowski tells CNN the raid looked like police silencing a truth teller.

Local Law Enforcement Experts Defend FDLE Tactics In Raid

(Undated) -- The raid on the home of a critic of the governor doesn't appear to be heavy-handed to some local law enforcement experts. Retired Broward Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Colonel Robert Drago and former Boca Raton deputy chief Philip Sweeting reviewed the video of the armed raid this week at the Tallahassee home of Rebekah Jones. She's the former health department employee accused of hacking into a state emergency communications system. Drago tells the Times/Herald the agents were within normal police protocol, and Sweeting says even for a white collar search warrant, the agents' behavior was appropriate. There is an extensive story from the Miami Herald linked up for you on today’s BML show page at BillMick.com

Teachers Push To Be Among First To Be Vaccinated

(Winter Park, FL) -- Some local educators are among those who believe they should be one of the first groups to get the COVID vaccine. Teachers unions around the country this week sent a letter to the CDC asking that its members get early access to the vaccine. Osceola County Superintendent Debra Pace says teachers are essential workers on the front line of the pandemic. A teacher in Seminole County tells Channel 9 she could come into contact with 150 students a day, and she has no idea who the students are in contact with outside school. 

Scammers Trying To Sell Fake Coronavirus Vaccines

(Orlando, FL) -- The Better Business Bureau says scammers are already trying to sell fake coronavirus vaccines in Central Florida. Officials are warning consumers not to respond to emails or text messages offering vaccines through online pharmacies or ads on social media. This scam is similar to ones that offered fake coronavirus tests, fraudulent stimulus checks and defective safety equipment. Any coronavirus scams should be reported to a local Better Business Bureau or the Department of Homeland Security.

ULA Plans Thursday Launch Of Delta IV Rocket

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- United Launch Alliance is planning a Thursday launch for its Delta IV rocket. The launch window is set to open at 5:50 p.m.  The mission to launch a classified spy satellite into orbit aboard the rocket has been delayed since June. The Atlantis North Lawn viewing area will open to the public at 3:30 p.m. with tickets available online for 40-dollars.

Florida Man Refuses To Wear Mask, Acts Out At Best Buy

(Vero Beach, FL) -- A Florida man is in custody for acting out at a local Best Buy. Police say Alton George Ashby came to a store in Vero Beach and refused to wear a mask even though he was asked multiple times per store policy. After that, the man then allegedly proceeded to spit, cough, and sneeze all over the counter and other parts of the store. Employees say Ashby also ripped a mask package onto the ground and sprayed a soda drink all over the place. He then left the store, but officers later flagged him down in a Cadillac sedan. He now faces a charge of disorderly conduct. 

Moms Want Target Cookies Boycotted For Alleged X-Rated Design

(Minneapolis, MN) -- Some parents are calling for a boycott of Christmas cookies at Target, claiming they look X-rated. The treats come in a wrapped set of three, decorated as Santa. The top cookie is his head, the middle is his red coat and the last one is his boots. Thing is, a group of Facebook moms think the boots look like genitals. Target says it appreciates the feedback but has no intention of removing the cookies. In fact, some stores are in high demand for them thanks to the online attention.

Dogs Can Get In On New Seven-Pack Bud Light Beer

(St. Louis, MO) -- There's a new way for dogs to enjoy a cold one with their pet parents. Bud Light and BARK have teamed up to put a twist on the classic six-pack. They're selling a seven-pack. It's six bottles of actual beer and a seventh that only looks like a bottle. It's really a plush, crinkly dog toy that will either have "Bark Light" or "Barkweiser" on the front. It can be found at Shop-Beer-Gear-dot-com for a limited time.


2008, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich [[ bla-GOYA-vich ]] was arrested on public corruption charges, including an allegation he tried to sell President-elect Barack Obama's open Senate seat.

1907, the United States Post Office offered Christmas Seals for the first time. Original contributions went to the fight against tuberculosis.

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