Bad Santa (and the good that came from his bonehead stunt)

The “leaders” who have implemented lockdown measures in the country are mere men (or women- there are NO other choices).I’d like to think they are coming from a good place with their bad ideas. I suspect that they are not. And their egos are proving it.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll introduce you to Bad Santa. He decided bringing his anti-gun agenda to one store’s North Pole was a good idea. As the crying child was comforted by his mother America reacted. It’s an IN A HANDBASKET story with a good ending.

As for the rest of our day, it’s up to you. WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY gives you the chance to steer the conversation wherever you’d like when you call the show at 321.768.1240.

For my part we have a mask mandate on the way if Biden is president, the election challenge is ongoing with the Texas lawsuit headed to the Supreme Court, more information on the FL COVID whistleblower raid, the results of defunding the cops and more. But, like I said, today is up to you… What’s on your mind?


The Ego of our “saviors”


In a Handbasket:

Snowflake (& cruel) Santa

The family turns it

Crowder also steps in



Can we survive the New America?

Here’s your Mask Mandate

Supremes won’t nullify PA votes

But Texas’ challenge is ON



The COVID Whistleblower raid



Go ahead- defund the cops

If it works for SNL, could it work for others?

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