Brevard- who gets to control your property?

Here in the land of the free and the home of the brave we claim to value things like free speech. That was until THE RONA came to town. Now if you color outside the established COVID line you are shamed, vilified and now, losing your ability to make a living. It’s not the America we grew up thinking we had. One Oregon doctor found out exactly how far it’s gone.

IN A HANDBASKET we find education again. Seemingly always capitulating to the gods of political correctness, the education crowd wants to placate the whiners while giving no consideration to common sense.

When it comes to property rights, just what matters? It’s an issue I’ve been hearing rumbles about for a week or two. I’ve been asked if I am going to cover it on the show. I have searched for stories on it and found none until after yesterday’s show. Isadora Rangel has a column outlining the current takes on the issue that the county commission will hear today. Also linked in that story was the issue that got it all started. It’s from September! No wonder I couldn’t find it. So, just whose rights matter? How often do the cited issues actually occur? Does this challenge your conservative credentials? It just may and some folks won’t be happy with me at the end of the day.

Defunding Law Enforcement has been a focus of the left since the spring. Can we handle the results of those ill-thought-out actions? For that matter, can we survive the New America where the state (one of them anyway) can decide if you are worthy of treatment for what ails you?

It’s a busy Tuesday ahead on BML.


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