INSIDER COLUMN- MICKnuggets 12.01-04.20

12.01.20- Media Makes a Difference

A recent Media Research Center poll shows the drastic impact media had on the presidential election. 

1750 Biden voters in swing states were surveyed. They were asked about news stories that were positive about President Trump and negative about candidate Biden. They were woefully unaware. 

Suppression of positive Trump stories and those negative toward Biden apparently changed the outcome of the election. In each of these swing states the votes that would have changed with an informed electorate would have flipped the result. 

So, does media control the election? In a way, yes, it does. Had media reported these stories equally and with facts only, it’s likely an informed electorate would have made that different call. 

Oh, there is a place for opinion, but let’s not forget editorial decisions about what and how to cover a story are based in opinion as well. 

12.02.20- Attack the Crime Culture (not the cops) 

There is something being ignored in the narrative over the BCSO shooting of two teens the week before Thanksgiving. There are hints at it in the burial of one of those teens. 

As Sincere Pierce was being laid to rest Saturday a single gunshot rang out. A teenager and Pierce’s mother were both hit in the leg. 

It ends up that the teen was the shooter as the gun the 16 year old was carrying went off accidentally and struck both victims. 

This is a multi-faceted problem will require a similar solution. As a community tolerates a culture of crime, they will see more of it. 

Parents, community and faith leaders and other organizations must team up to show the crime won’t be tolerated. They all have responsibility. 

Stop hating on cops and start hating the problem- crime. We’ll all be better off. 

12.03.20- Do you see what I see? 

Do you see what I see? Apparently not! 

Over the weekend, Attorney General Bill Barr commented on the Justice Department’s investigation of fraud claims in the presidential election. It was immediately reported that Barr said the election was over and the election could not be overturned. 

The problem is, that’s not what Barr said at all. I told my kids details are important.

What Barr said was that there has been, so far, no evidence to show that fraud occurred to the extent that the election results would be overturned. 

The Trump team and many conservatives believe wide scale fraud occurred. If the president’s folks have that proof the time to present it is now. 

Barr will follow up, but chasing dreams and fears is not his job. If there’s evidence the facts will bear out.

We need to let them. 

12.04.20- 100 Days 

Should Joe Biden be inaugurated president of these United States he’s going to ask America to mask up. Now, he doesn’t want it forever he says, just 100 days. 

But wait. What else will be going on should Biden’s first 100 days come into being? Warmer weather, dissemination of the COVID vaccine and the heralded herd immunity that would take us (we hope) past the ravages of this virus anyway. 

So, what’s the idea behind the mask request? We can only guess, but it seems to be creating a compliant citizenry that does what the government says it should do! 

Lockdown is our word for 2020.I’m thinking Resistance should be the word heading into 2021. 

What we see today are symbolic acts that have provided no real measure of safety. 

What we need is common sense and 100 days of masks won’t be the answer.

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