Should First Gay Councilman Even BE a Headline?

Remember when the LGBT community used to want us out of their bedrooms and to be treated like anyone else? No more! Now, it’s the most celebrated thing about them. Now, they promote their lifestyle and want to then caution you they are more than their sexuality.

Should we really know about their sexuality? I don’t want to know! It’s not my business…right up until they make it my business by forcing me to know it.

FLORIDA TODAY has done a new West Melbourne councilman no favors by making a big deal out of him being gay. I am more concerned about his agenda on the council with taxes, services and the appropriate role of government than I am about how he gets his jollies!

Some are touting Attorney General Bill Barr’s recent comments as a declaration that the election is over. That’s not what he said. As I told my kids as they grew up- details are important. Those calling for Barr’s head have misunderstood the message.

Palm Bay has a new mayor and hopefully some new priorities. If the new council can get past the hookers and drugs era, just maybe they can get things back on track.

Space is important for our region and the world. But what if the plan keeps changing with every election? Do we ever have defined, attainable goals? FLORIDA TODAY’s Tim Walters joins us in today’s final hour to talk that very idea.


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