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Deadly Shooting In Brevard County

(Melbourne, FL) -- A former patient is accused of killing a social worker at a treatment facility in Brevard County. Melbourne Police say Robert Quackenbush shot Travis Knight to death yesterday outside Circles of Care on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Police say the two knew each other, but there's no word on a motive. The 29-year-old suspect is charged with first-degree premeditated murder, and he's due in court today.

Escambia County Office Was Bugged

(Pensacola, FL) -- An Escambia County official feels victimized after what she calls an astonishing discovery. County Administrator Janice Gilley said an illegal recording device was found in her office this summer. FDLE investigated but closed the case in September for a lack of information. County Commissioner Jeff Bergosh tells the News Journal depending on who bugged the office and why, it could be a federal crime. 

Carvalho Says Vaccines Could Be Available For Students By The Summer

(Miami, FL) -- Students in Miami-Dade County may need a COVID vaccine before they can re-enter classrooms next school year. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho met, virtually, with parents recently to discuss the district's policy for the vaccine, once it becomes available. Carvalho says the vaccine may be optional for students who attend summer school, but for the fall semester, it will be mandatory. One parent, though, tells NBC 6 getting all parents on board will be a tough sell. 

Osceola County School Board Approves Learning Plans For Next Semester

(Osceola County, FL) -- The Osceola County School Board is approving student learning plans for next semester. Students who want to continue in the digital learning program that follows the regular school schedule will have new requirements. They will need a 90 percent attendance record or better and will receive A, B or C grades in all classes. Parents have until December 9th to switch their children to a different learning platform, including in-person and virtual learning.

State Official Calling For Limit On Coronavirus Lawsuits Against Businesses

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Florida's Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis is calling for a limit on the number of coronavirus-related lawsuits filed against businesses. Lawmakers are expected to propose a bill to protect businesses, but they will likely stop short of granting full immunity. They will also take into account essential businesses, like grocery stores that remained open throughout the coronavirus outbreak, while writing a new bill. A south Florida family recently filed a lawsuit against Publix after an employee reportedly contracted the virus from a co-worker and later died.

TN Couple Sets Record With Birth Of Baby From Embryo Frozen 27 Years Ago

(Undated) -- A Tennessee couple welcomed a brand new baby girl in October and made medical history in the process. Molly Gibson's birth is believed to have set a new record for the longest frozen embryo known to have resulted in a live birth. Her embryo was frozen nearly 27 years ago. The Gibsons are no strangers to such records. Molly's older sister, Emma, was born in 2017, setting a record at the time for the longest frozen embryo to result in a birth. Hers was frozen for 24 years.


2017, a pizza party was held at the International Space Station, making it the first pizza party in space.

1964, the Christmas classic "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" aired on television for the first time.

1950, legendary radio newsman Paul Harvey began broadcasting his national radio program.

1931, Alka Seltzer hit the market.

1818, Illinois was admitted as the 21st state of the Union.

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