Are You a Domestic Terrorist?

It’s going beyond mask shaming. Now the self-righteous protectors of us all want you jailed for failing to buy into the programming and wearing a mask everywhere. So, are you a domestic terrorist? We begin our day in Los Angeles where officials are inconsistent in their behavior toward the virus while expecting citizen compliance.

Fortunately, the idea of citizens standing up to the idiocy of government’s response to the coronavirus is gaining strength. We also have one state legislature taking a stand against a governor who is very aggressive in his virus policies.

When it comes to the presidential election the left is citing Bill Barr’s recent comments about evidence as a reason to call the election a done deal. That’s not what Barr said, but the time for presenting evidence is NOW.

Florida Today did a newly elected councilman in West Melbourne no favors in a feature article posted yesterday. If you don’t want to pigeon holed by your sexuality, how about not making it a feature of your plans for office and the majority of the column that introduces you to Brevard?

Minneapolis has not learned from having to hire outside cops to do the job in the crime ridden city. They are on a further push to defund the police in a move that has already led to disaster there and elsewhere.

And we have more stories involving national and local politics, CARES act funding and the shooting at a Cocoa funeral that was accidental, but may lend insight into the culture of the deceased. More importantly, today is your day. WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY gives you the chance to bring up anything you like when we go to the phones. It’s the one day where anything goes on Bill Mick LIVE.


More rules for thee, but not for me!

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