It’s DECEMBER Already?

I had a great trip home to WV for Thanksgiving. How was yours? Do you have fears that someone will report you for your holiday activities? Then you don’t have kids in Vermont schools! Maybe you have kids in college. Did they come home to educate you on your misunderstood history? And did you see the coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade? It showed us how we’ll handle the Zombie Apocalypse.

We have a hodgepodge of topics as we get back to business today. After we hash-out our Thanksgiving issues we’ll tackle the anti-cop mentality and where it will lead us, the media and our elections, dealing with governments going too far in responding to the coronavirus and, if we have time, a little bit of politics.

It’s good to be back and having our daily talk. Let’s get to it.


Will your kids report you for Thanksgiving?


In a Handbasket:

Was this your Thanksgiving?



Going anti-cop will take us here

Media: owning our elections



A new beginning for Palm Bay?

Lober CARES plan has issues

Funeral shooting accidental, sadly unnecessary



NYPD- Gov says not real cops!

Fighting back- NY gym owner rips up fine notice

Obama aggravated the problem- now blames white men

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