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SpaceX Postpones Launch

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- Weather is to blame for the latest scrubbed rocket launch at Cape Canaveral. SpaceX postponed last night's launch due to conditions at the landing zone for its Falcon 9 rocket. The launch has been scrubbed twice now, but it's set for 9:13 tonight, and weather conditions are 80-percent Go. The rocket will carry 60 more satellites into low-Earth orbit as part of SpaceX's plan to spread broadband internet around the world. 

Deadly Shooting In Daytona Beach

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- A man is dead after an argument with a relative turned violent in Volusia County. Daytona Beach Police say two men were arguing in a home last night on North Caroline Street when shots were fired. The suspect is identified as 39-year-old James Williams.He remains on the loose. 

Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting In Miami-Dade

(Miami, FL) -- A man is dead after he was shot by a police officer in Miami-Dade County. Police say an off-duty Miami Police officer shot the man yesterday in the driveway at a home on Southwest 98th Court. That's where the officer's son lives, and police say the 13-year-old called his dad when someone tried breaking into the home. The alleged burglar was taken to the hospital where he passed away, and the FDLE is investigating. 

Police Increasing Presence Ahead Of Black Friday

(Tampa, FL) -- An effort is underway to make shoppers feel safer in Tampa. Police have recently increased their presence around shopping malls ahead of Black Friday. Besides reassuring shoppers, police hope their presence deters thieves. Major Eric DeFelice tells Fox 13 News he hopes would-be thieves see the officers at the mall and realize it's a hardened target. 

Disney Cancels Cruises Through January

(Orlando, FL) -- COVID continues to affect the cruise industry. Disney Cruise Line announced yesterday it has canceled trips through early February. This comes after the CDC announced this weekend that everyone around the world should avoid cruise ships. Disney says those who have paid their reservations in full can get a refund or credit, and those who have made partial payments will get a refund.

Secret Service Prepping For Trump's Post-White House Years In Palm Beach County

(West Palm Beach, FL) -- President Trump may not be ready to leave the White House, but work is reportedly underway on his future full-time residence in Palm Beach County. Trump is expected to make Mar-a-Lago his permanent home, and ABC News reported yesterday that members of his Secret Service detail have been asked if they want to transfer to the area. Secret Service agents in Miami are said to be looking at how to make physical reinforcements to the resort home. A source also tells ABC News that renovations are already underway at Mar-a-Lago's living quarters for Trump and wife Melania.

Oxford Dictionary Skips 'Word Of The Year' For 2020, Choses Dozens Instead.

(Undated) -- It's hard to choose just one word to describe 2020. That's why Oxford dictionary picked dozens, calling this an unprecedented year. Terms relating to the pandemic dominated including "coronavirus," "lockdown," "social distancing," "reopening," and "superspreader." Also making the list -- "bushfire," "impeachment," "acquittal," "Black Lives Matter," "mail-in," "cancel culture," and "net zero." Last year's word of the year was "climate emergency" and "toxic" was chosen in 2018.


1979, the U.S. admitted thousands of troops in Vietnam had been exposed to Agent Orange.

1971, a hijacker identified as Dan Cooper parachuted from a Northwest Airlines 727 over Washington state with 200-thousand dollars in ransom. The man commonly referred to as D-B Cooper has not been heard from since.

1963, accused John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby in Dallas, Texas. The entire event took place on national television as Oswald was being transferred from one Dallas jail to another. 

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