Closing 2020- America CLOSED?

2020 has been nothing if not noteworthy. We’ve faced a pandemic, a loss of liberty and a contentious election that is still unsettled. Many of us are unsettled as well. How bad is it? When you irritate an American staple like Waffle House, you’ve accomplished something.

As more states ratchet up restrictions on their citizens more officials are saying no to enforcement. Oregon’s governor wants people to inform on their neighbors, claiming it’s their duty. Andrew Cuomo in NY is really upset at a Brooklyn Jewish community for a massive wedding that they pulled off. Maryland’s alleged Republican governor says you don’t have the right to walk around mask-free.

Maybe it’s time Edgewood Junior-Senior High School gets back to educating kids instead of pushing some ginned up social issue. And I have heard rumbles about Mel High talking about a name change. I’ve not seen that story, but if you’re familiar, I’d like to know what folks are thinking.


When you tick off Waffle House


In a Handbasket:

Fighting one for the girls!



Out of the mouths of babes…and comics

Tucker Carlson responds to flap over Sidney Powell issue



Maybe Edgewood could go back to teaching school now?



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Oregon governor asking for rats

MD Republican governor is an idiot

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