States Governing from Fear…and Stupidity

While America gears up for the Thanksgiving holiday, certain governors are trying their best to put a damper on the festivities. From limiting indoor gatherings and mandating masks, even in your home, these officials are overstepping their bounds and those of common sense and decency. NY’s Andrew Cuomo is distressed that sheriffs in his state are saying no to enforcement that the governor wants.

And IN A HANDBASKET we’ll see something we really didn’t think we’d have to in this country- citizens standing up to government intrusion and saying no.

Officials in California, Washington state, Minnesota and New Jersey are all-in for a restrictive holiday. Texas says no to more lockdowns and a NJ police chief says his department won’t play along.

On the election front, Republicans are calling on the president’s team to back up last week’s allegations of fraud; Congressman Bill Posey has joined a request to look into election software. There is a proper time and place for revealing any evidence and a Pennsylvania judge has dismissed the Trump team lawsuit there.


Cuomo frightened by “arrogant” sheriffs


In a Handbasket:

Citizens take a stand



R’s challenge Team Trump to present evidence

Tucker Carlson responds to flap over Sidney Powell issue

Congressman Posey joins request to investigate election software

Trump PA suit dismissed



Maybe Edgewood could go back to teaching school now?



Newsom issues stay-at-home order

WA governor: no singing in church

MN governor bans ALL social gatherings

No more lockdowns in Texas

NJ Police Chief takes a stand

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