Now- a Fraud Allegation…so we wait

We’ll begin our day with a new mask mandate. This one’s in PA and they want your masks worn in your home. Good luck with that!

IN HANDBASKET is more collegiate caving to idiotic demands.

The president’s team has alleged massive voter fraud across the country in this election. My question is- can they prove it? I certainly hope so. It got me to thinking how can fix this system that is so susceptible to questions and problems. And then there’s Mitt Romney. He reacted just as you’d expect his traitorous hiney to act.

The Florida legislature met this week to set its leadership and priorities. Representative Tyler Sirois will join us at 8am to talk the upcoming session, priorities and issues they will face.


Maskholes now say wear them in your home!


In a Handbasket:

more collegiate nonsense



Trump campaign levels fraud accusation

Romney does what you’d expect

The freebies begin

And gun control via taxes

No more lockdowns in Texas

COVID recovery and long term immunity



BPS worried over COVID cash

Speaker and House to deal with riot legislation

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