Your Rights Under Fire

Leave it to atheists to try and cancel the good that comes from Christmas. It’s not enough for them to not believe, they have to bring their particular level of sorrow to others in the holiday season. Apparently, Dorothy, we’re back in Kansas and Oz was preferable.

While we’re at it, IN A HANDBASKET will take us to George Mason University where we learn how to handle a forgotten Bible in a college classroom.

A little closer to home we have a new County Commission Chair in Rita Pritchett. When Isadora Rangel from Florida Today joins us at 8am we’ll look at the commission’s handling of CARES ACT monies and more.

And yesterday we had what Florida Today initially headlined as a ‘Mostly Peaceful Protest” in Cocoa regarding the man and teen who died in a confrontation with a BCSO deputy. That online headline was later changed to read “Peaceful." There was a crowd around a BCSO squad car, but the idiocy stopped at rocking the vehicle as opposed to more violent acts. Imagine being that deputy.

And more of your rights under fire- Joe Biden wants gun control by taxation. NOTE: we will not be throwing guns into any harbor. We’ll have people store them for you if you feel you must make some disappear. And the freebies are a focus for the would-be new administration. College loan forgiveness, at least in part, is front and center.


Killing Christmas


In a Handbasket:

How to handle a Bible in the classroom



The freebies begin

And gun control via taxes

No more lockdowns in Texas

COVID recovery and long term immunity



BLM protest in Cocoa- MOSTLY peaceful

Pritchett new Commission Chair

Commission COVID Slush Fund

Auto GPS data used in murder investigation- OK

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