WOW: Today is Up to You

In the Florida House D-53 campaign one campaign’s supporter parodied a law firm ad regarding Scouts and child abuse. It wasn’t the smartest political move I’ve seen, but it did get attention. So did the ads that inspired it. Remember when attorneys could not advertise? Yes, they were the good old days.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll have a story that shows, no matter how much we’d like to support them, we have to rein schools in.

The rest of our day is on you. WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY is your chance to bring up whatever topic has your attention. Call us at 321.768.1240 and lay it out for us. Here are the stories on my mind:

Pennsylvania’s governor is making Andrew Cuomo look like a saint. More sheriffs are saying they won’t enforce Cuomo’s ideas for Thanksgiving. Republican Senators say they’ll block Susan Rice from being appointed to Joe Biden’s administration. A Florida appeals court ruling makes sense for the wrong reasons. And a black police chief has been fired for doing her job. Did they not know she would arrest black criminals?


Advertising works


In a Handbasket:

We have to rein in schools




More sheriffs say no to Cuomo

GOP Senators to block Susan Rice

COVID recovery and long term immunity



Florida election results certified

Auto GPS data used in murder investigation- OK



Black Police Chief does her job- gets fired


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