America’s Self-Loathing & Problem with Race

It’s odd to me how people who are thriving in this country do their best to hate it. We’ll open our day with a college professor who says the American Flag is a symbol of genocide. Staying with the theme, Brown University is IN HANDBASKET and it’s hard to tell if the students are also smacking down America or standing up for Jesus!

In hour two we’ll begin with students at Wisconsin demanding a statue of Abraham Lincoln be removed from campus. The 16th president was apparently not supportive enough of blacks. Sportswriter Jason Whitlock makes some valid points about race in America. Who is it defining what it is to be black? Whitlock says it’s not blacks and he lays it on the line.

And then there is the current trend to lockdown the country over the coronavirus. It’s refreshing to see actual leaders stand up to the fear mongering and overreach of those who would rule over us in any way they could.


Columbia professor says Old Glory is a symbol of genocide


In a Handbasket:

Maybe this Ivy League school is standing up for Jesus



Ain’t doing no lockdown!

No masks, either!

NY sheriff says no to Cuomo’s restrictions



Auto GPS data used in murder investigation- OK



UW-M students say Lincoln must go

Sportswriter Jason Whitlock on the media & race


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