The RONA, the Election & a Frustrated America

As Americans we tend to believe in the rule of law- for everyone. And while we deal with the pandemic we also question the actions of our various governments as they try to protect the public with various restrictive measures that may do more harm than good. When elected officials act as if the rules they try to implement apply to us, but not to them, is it any wonder we don’t buy what they are trying to sell? Our Monday begins there.

IN A HANDBASKET at 6:42 we’ll explore whether stupid decision making is a symptom of the virus. It’s certainly impacted one Chicago judge!

As our day progresses we’ll look at how we’ll know when the presidential election is officially decided. It has nothing to do with elections officials or the Electoral College. Well, it doesn’t just yet, anyway!

It’s interesting to see the WOKE LEFT waking up and calling itself out. And there is plenty of reason it should. We’ll explore it though the eyes of Bill Maher and one of his guests from Friday night’s show.

The tone is changing in the US House of Representatives and that will be fun to observe.

As the potential for a Biden presidency continues to linger, it’s funny how his team is consistently inconsistent. One top aide on the virus has been all over the place on policy…just like every expert you’ve ever heard on the matter. And like the various lockdown contradictions, we won’t be buying another wave of restricting our behavior or business.


And they wonder why we don’t buy it


In a Handbasket:

Stupid decisions- a COVID symptom?



Gamblers won’t call the presidency ‘till it’s OFFICIAL

Maher calls Dems on WOKE BS

Maher guest lays it on the mainstream media

The anti-Squad

Team Biden: consistently inconsistent

Ain’t doing no lockdown!

No masks, either!

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