INSIDER COLUMN-MICKnuggets: 11.09-11.13

11.09.20- Media PROJECTS Biden- Some Adopt it

Midday Saturday the Associated Press, echoed shortly thereafter by other mainstream outlets, declared Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. The mantra has been repeated over and over and the Biden camp latched onto the declaration even though not a single vote in the country has been certified.

I don’t mind projections based on the electoral math in play, but only with the caveat that the results have not been certified. 

The media does not own this role; it belongs to the election supervisors across the country. The president noted this in his comments after the declaration. At least he gets it. 

Mitt Romney, like always, believes conceding to the left and the media is the way to go. 

This election will eventually be decided, legally.

Until then…we wait. 

11.10.20- The Baby is a Week Old and Mama is Still in Labor 

The baby that is the 2020 presidential election is a week old. Not only has nobody changed its diaper, but it seems mama is still in labor. 

The country is moaning in pain from all sides. Anarchists in Portland- unhappy with any decision- now want no president at all. The left has already crowned Joe Biden in spite of no votes having been certified and the right sees a boogeyman in every elections office. 

Then there’s the media who sees itself as the final arbiter of the contest which is far beyond its role. They need to report, stop stirring up controversy and let the news be what the news is. It’s hard for them. 

For my part, I’ll wait for the Trump campaign to analyze the race, challenge where appropriate and then live with the results. 

There has to be a better way and we’ve had some suggested. I do not expect our elected officials to have the courage or integrity to do it. 

11.11.20- The Victory Chant

I don’t get it. A person of color is apparently elected to higher office and suddenly the world, or part of it, breaks out in song…or chants. 

But maybe it’s not all people of color who get this treatment. Anyone sing songs for Clarence’s Thomas’ appointment to the Supreme Court? 

When Barack Obama became president teachers were leading school kids in a song that praised the former president. 

Now the same has happened with Kamala Harris’ potential election to the vice presidency. NY school students were led by their teacher in a responsive reading of a poem adapted for the occasion. 

Race was certainly a focus as the poem repeatedly asked “brown girl” for her response. And yes, I see the reason for celebration. 

OK, celebrate. But can’t you wait for official results? These girls are set up for huge disappointment should things change. 

11.12.20- A Covid Holiday 

Thanksgiving is upon us. Well, most of us anyway. Not so in New York where Emperor Andrew Cuomo has decided that in-home gatherings for the holiday must now be limited to ten people or less. 

This unenforceable edict is nuts. Not only does the state not have the resources to implement enforcement (Cuomo said he’ll need local authorities to do this), it will be difficult to find authorities willing to invade the sanctity of the home to do so. 

That’s as it should be. Families know and understand each other and what they have gone though. Given my mother’s age and susceptibility, we are contemplating whether or not I should travel to WV for the holiday. I usually do, but these are unusual times. 

We’re adults and will make adult decisions. That’s as it should be and government at any level should keep its nose out of it.

For us, or anyone else! 


If we had only known! Portland’s newly reelected mayor has the answer to the anarchy that has ruled his fair city over the summer and fall. I hope he can share it with other Democratic leaders of cities suffering similar fates.

In the midst of riots, looting, attacks on police and the city burning down around them, Mayor Ted Wheeler proudly proclaimed that Portland is removing “gendered language” in order to make the city more inclusive. 

Well, there we have it! When the city’s burning down around you, just tell everyone they’re speaking incorrectly and the rest of the city’s problems will go away? 

Who focuses on this nonsense when riots rule the day? Those who have more interest in political correctness and frivolous issues than in running and protecting a city and those who serve its citizens, that’s who. 

And until the people quit reelecting these kinds of officials, places like Portland are getting exactly what they deserve! 

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